Business operators of B&Bs who want to take things a notch higher should consider investing in extra and luxury amenities. These will invite top clients who are not afraid of spending money on their accommodation, as long as they are getting value. There are different types of bed and brakfast with each of them providing different services and amenities. Some of the luxury amenities you will find in top-rated B&Bs include the following:

Spa and Massage Parlours

Having a spa and massage parlour at a B&B is a perfect end to a busy day for guests. This would be a good place for people who have to endure long meetings and the real definition of fun for them is a relaxed environment. They are also ideal for people who have travelled a long distance and are looking for ways to get rid of the fatigue and jetlag that comes with sitting in one position for long.

Well Furnished Rooms

Most guests appreciate when a room has a safe, microwave, mini fridge, clean and comfortable bedding, towels, bathrobes, bathtub, functioning air conditioner, a television, and a desk to work or read. If you add things like free parking and spacious restaurant, you are sure of customer satisfaction.

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