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The rural suburb of Kenthurst is a delightful place to visit with a number of local restaurants, galleries and a huge range of nurseries. Adjacent to Kenthurst is Dural, (only 15 minutes away from Views at Kenthurst.)

The Hills are alive with activities all year round. There are bush walks in daylight or by torchlight at night. There are bush dances, dance lessons, craft markets, bring and buy markets and Farmer’s Markets. We have drama and theatre, Jazz in the Pines (at Roughly House), Food, Music and Wine Festivals, the Orange Blossom Festival and more. Restaurants, cafes, nurseries and galleries. So much to see and do.

Don't miss the Hawkesbury and Baulkham Hills Shire "Shows" each year . In The Hills District - there is so much to see and do.


The whole district is well known for its nurseries which include Swanes, who have a huge range of plants, and have been known for years for their roses. They have a cosy coffee shop on site. Hargraves Nursery also has a comprehensive range and offers lots of "specials" and The House of Herbs and Roses which is popular with "day trippers," has an extensive range of herbs and spices, dried and fresh.

There is a great deal of early colonial history in the Hills District. More information is available from the Baulkham Hills Shire Council’s Sydney Hills Visitor’s Centre which is located at 656 Old Northern Road Dural. Telephone: 1300 884881. Or visit

A fine example of early colonial architecture is the building adjacent to the Visitors Centre . . . Roughly House. This tiny family home is a practical example of the resolve of the early settlers to use all the space available to "best advantage" even though they were surrounded with space outside, the average family home was quite small but very practical.

The building techniques were so efficient that the house has lasted, with a few additions practically as it was when it was first erected in 1856.

For a pleasant detour, driving toward Wisemans Ferry on Old Northern Road, turn left into Wisemans Ferry Road (just short of a kilometre from Maroota school), until you reach Sackville Ferry Road, (about 4 to 5 kms), turn right and drive on another 4 to 5 kms to the end. This will take you to the Sackville Ferry. On leaving the ferry, drive about 100 metres, turn left into Tizzana Road and, after driving another 4 kilometres you’ll find the Tizzana Winery. First established in 1887. To check for opening times. Telephone (02) 45791150.
While you’re in the district, you must visit the Old Ebenezer Church which is about 5 kms from the Tizzana Winery. This is the oldest still practicing Church in Australia, and well worth a visit. Ebenezer is about 15 minutes away from Windsor.

If you prefer not to detour, and continue along Old Northern Road, you’ll come upon Wisemans Ferry itself. You’ll find the famous Wisemans Ferry Pub and delightful shops and cafes. This area is steeped in history from the early colonial days and includes the infamous Convict Trail built by convict labour. Take the Ferry to explore the Trail.
More information about the Hawkesbury District can be obtained from the Hawkesbury Information Centre at Ham Common, Hawkesbury Valley Way, Clarendon. Telephone: (02) 45780233 or visit their web site at

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Another interesting township is St. Albans. Just before you get to the Wisemans Ferry township, take a left turn (River Road) and a few metres down the road, on your right, is the Webbs Creek Ferry. The ferry is free and is in operation 24 hours a day (except when it is out of service on the first Tuesday of each month from 9:30am until 11:30am). Cross the river and veer to the right and follow the road (about 20 kilometres) to St. Albans. It is a pleasant drive through lovely countryside.

St Albans is a small village full of history, with many old buildings still in use today. St Albans Gallery has regular showings and the delightful Price Morris Cottage circa 1830 has been restored allowing visitors to see how families lived on a farm in the early days of the colony. The house was actually lived in continuously up until the early seventies and then it fell into disrepair. It was a labour of love to restore the old family home and bring it back to life.

You can visit the old Courthouse, the comfortable and friendly St Albans pub, the Settlers Arms circa 1840 (for a delicious counter lunch) and the well patronised Fickle Wombat Restaurant. To get to the pub and restaurant you have to cross the bridge. Worth the drive.

From Wisemans Ferry, if you continue full circle, you will find your way to the historic township of Windsor. There are many churches and old buildings, mostly still in use. The famous architect Francis Greenway designed the old St Mathews church which was built by convicts. It is a beautiful building which has seen a lot of history pass it by.

This is an area full of "history" relating to the early convicts and of course the early aboriginal inhabitants . . . the Darug people. The recently opened "Deerubbin Centre" offers a comprehensive Library and modern Art Gallery. Well worth a visit.



Amongst its huge range of books and art, it holds information about the early colonial days and the Darug people of the area. The name comes from the Darug language and refers to the Hawkesbury River.

Windsor is only 15 minutes from Views at Kenthurst.

To complete the circle, head down Windsor road ( Castle Hill direction) and turn off at Pitt Town road UBD 86 P12 ( this is not our road). Turn right at Old Hawkesbury road UBD 87 A11, the take a left at Old Stock Route road, UBD 107 D3, follow that until you pass Saunders road UBD 87 K9, it is at this point that Old Stock Route Road becomes Scheyville Road.

Follow this and turn right into Neich Road UBD 88 L1, until you come to the Boundry Road intersection, UBD 88 P1. Go straight ahead, you are now on Pitt Town road which takes you back to Views at Kenthurst (182).

For more information . . . the Hawkesbury Information Centre is located on the way to Richmond (opposite the Richmond Air Base)

Views at Kenthurst is ideally located. Set virtually in the centre of the extremely popular "Farmgate trail" which encompasses the "Hawkesbury Harvest and the "Wine" Trail area, it is a good starting point. Maps are available at the Hawkesbury Information Centre. Also, this area is abundant with small cafes and restaurants.

After a splendid day out . . . it’s time to go home . . . back to Views at Kenthurst . . . and there’s always tomorrow. . . .

The following ferries, which are managed by the Roads and Traffic Authority, have "Out of Service" times for maintenance.

Webbs Creek Ferry: Out of service on the first Tuesday of each month from 9:30am until 11:30am.

Sackville Ferry: Out of service on the first Wednesday of the month from 12:45 to 3pm.

Wisemans Ferry: Out of service on the first Thursday of the month, from 12noon to 2pm.

The Lower Portland Ferry is managed by Hawkesbury Council and is out of service on the first Wednesday of the month from 9:am until 12noon.



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